Carnival Noir Masquerade

The Masque of the Red Death

November 9th, 2024 - Windsor, ON


Attending from Detroit

Carnival Noir 2024 beckons all from Detroit to step into a night of gothic splendor and haunting elegance, just a whisper away from home. Conveniently located less than two minutes from the border, our venue is directly accessible from the tunnel's exit on the same road, making your journey to the event as effortless as crossing a threshold into another world.

Immerse yourself in our second year of transformative experience filled with performance theatre, bizarre and mysterious character encounters, and an ambiance dripping with intrigue. Carnival Noir beckons you to enter the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe's haunting tale, "The Masque of the Red Death." Immerse yourself in an environment echoing Prince Prospero's eerie and grand abbey, adorned with splendor and shadows, awaiting nearly 400 masked revelers.
Tickets released summer, 2024
CN Casting Call 2024

2024 Casting Calls

Our sold-out spectacle last year was just the beginning. This November, Prince Prospero invites you to step into a realm where Gothic elegance meets chilling allure. We are facilitating an experience filled with stunning performances, intricate costumes, and elaborate décor that promise an escape into a world both beautiful and bizarre.

We are on the hunt for exceptional talent to join our ranks. Performers, actors, characters, ballroom dancers, and many others are requested to submit themselves to Mistress Raven's judgement. Should they be found worthy, they will be among the select few entertaining over 400 souls at the Prince's largest Masquerade yet.
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Memories of 2023's Masquerade

Photos by Sergio Mazzotta

Our Last Event:
November 3rd, 2023

Velvet Edge Entertainment and Scarehouse Windsor Presented:
Carnival Noir: The 7 Deadly Sins was a devilish masquerade featuring a variety of delights for both saints and sinners. The main event was a free-roaming party with multiple rooms, each themed around one of the seven deadly sins. Whether you were solving puzzles or enjoying treats, there were games and prizes to be won. The party was yours to explore!

Our main stage hosted traditional circus-style performances, including fire performers, acrobats, and magicians. At midnight, the performances concluded, and the dance floor opened.

For those interested in a more exclusive experience, we offered a VIP dinner catered by Nico's Taverna. This dinner took place on-site in one of four unique, immersive dining rooms. These rooms featured interactive elements and actors who engaged guests in the room's storyline. Purchase of a VIP dinner ticket also granted you access to the main party.

We hope to see you again in 2024!
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