Dress to Impress
Welcome to Carnival Noir, an evening where dark elegance meets mysterious allure. Your attire is your first step into this enigmatic world. 

Masquerade, Not Costume

This is a masquerade event, not a Halloween party. Leave your superheroes and villains at home and embrace the mystique of the masquerade. We recommend your dress in your "Devil's Best." When we say "Devil's Best," we mean formal or masquerade attire, or with a dark, mysterious twist. Think black suits, dark dresses, and elegant accessories that evoke a sense of intrigue. Alternatively, show off your style with something a little more outlandish--we encourage creativity in this realm.

Mask Guidelines

Masks are a crucial part of your ensemble for both men and women. Opt for masks that are elegant and mysterious. Masks will also be available for purchase at the event. You can always source masks online, or even make them yourself for a personal flair. 
Masquerade Masks

For Men

Gentlemen, when we say "Devil's Best," think formal attire with a dark twist. Black suits, dark shirts, and elegant accessories are the way to go.
3 men in masks
If you have something a bit more whimsical, we encourage originality as well.
Man in Cat Mask

For Women

Ladies, your "Devil's Best" could be dark, elegant dresses, something shiny, or sophisticated separates. Accessories should add to the mysterious aura.
4 girls in masks
Creativity is always a bonus. This is an evening to make your outfit match your style.
women in masquerade attire

Need an Outfit? We've Partnered with Monty's

If you're looking to rent an outfit for the occasion, we've partnered with Monty Formal Wear to offer a discount on rentals. Just mention Carnival Noir to them for $20 off any rental. This offer is good until the night of the event. They even tailor your clothes to you on site to ensure you look your Devil's Best for the evening. Monty Formal Wear is located at 4451 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1B4
Montys Banner
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